Days go by...

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and you don't even notice, where did every single day go...

Yes, yet two weeks of my youth :O I can't wait for weekend to come, even tho it has just ended. -.-

I have god damned hiccups! make it stop... D; its so damn annoying I can't even talk normal -.-'

Yet I am waiting that I get my ordered Chinese food *.* I love it. I simply love it.
Aaaaand two days left till next episode of 'kimi no todoke'. I am really curious what will come out of it :3 It's anime, thats alike to yamato nadeshiko, but it's different story. Kinda. But I love it. And I somehow find myself in it. But no happy ending for me XD

God, I hate hiccups!

Oh and by the way, anyone wants to pose me? I really need a model to make some pictures with. Don't be shy ^.^ I don't bite... so much...
Call me, text me, send me e-mail, click me on MSN, talk to me in person, anything :3 I really want a model n_n


You can earn anyone's trust,

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if you just wait long enough and use the right methods.

Yes, yesterday was a good day ^^ we had test from German and it went pretty well so i expect some good results (:
My grandma had name day, so we went at her place and had a dinner. After that, I and mom went home, she had to cut trees and i made so muffins, since i promised few people I'll bring 'em with me.
So, when I was done with baking, I went out, I, Glavan, Bizy and Krmel went to club 300and we played billiards for two hours XD I and Glavo were in one team against Bizy and Krmel. In the end it was a tie D:

Sooo today, when I was finally a bit free, with mom, we went riding again ^^ and we went a bit before, because she wanted to pick up some dandelions and I decided to take some photos ^^ I was pretty lucky, 'cause sun was shinning for me :3
After that, we went riding, although horses didn't want to go today -.-' But anyway it was nice, just a little bit cold ^^


Even the prettiest rose,

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can be dangerous. And even your closest friend might be your enemy.

In Friday, I finally went out alone with Svala. It was awesome although in the start she didn't want to go and she went zig-zag but then she figured that everything is alright and she was in such a hurry! She almost didn't want to stop ^^.
During the weekend I had lot of work to do and even now, I can barely see my way out :s
Yes, I was with Svala as well ^^ and she finally started to eat that fatty food and vitamins and it made me really happy ^.^
On Tuesday we had chemistry test, and it went pretty good ^^ I hope the results are good as well...

Last few days I have really weird dream, totally suspicious, but somehow nice. I wished that I would never wake up from it.


Old things

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are somehow really interesting ^^
My mom found this cam somewhere and gave it to me. I was thinking of buying film for it and that I could make photos myself :3

And I'd really love to go to some old castle and take few shots. Anyone knows for some place? Or anyone wants to go with me?

Yesterday Kaja had birthday, and we went at their place, cause we were invited to, my brother and Kaja made us lunch, and we got tiramisu for dessert. It was really good *.*
Bro, told me few things more about photography and photoshop, but when I'll have time, I'll go at his place, so he will show me few photoshop tricks :3
I can't wait for holidays to come. I really can't stand in this shitty school anymore :/


No one

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really wants to be alone...

Although many people are, being left behind and got no one that would care for them.

I myself used to be like that tho, luckily I have few, but precious friends I can rely on and I really LOVE them.

Yet yesterday, was much of a good day ^^ went out, had fun, saw some people I haven't seen for a while.

Today I woke up at 10am. and I really wanted to sleep more but mom was really mad at me since I said I'll go with her to BTC to buy some stuff for Karli and Kaja. I bought myself cloth to sew some leg warmers since the old ones are kinda falling apart XD woops. Then my brother and Kaja came for dinner. When we ate, I and Kaja went for a ride ^^ It was great if I count out that I and Svala almost fell when she jumped aside, because she was scared of a fallen tree -.- but in the end everything was okay ^^ she was really energetic today, she was waving with her head in sign on joy and happiness :3

So... right now I'm waiting for mom to get ready to go to cinema. I, my sister and mom are going to go watch Avatar :3


Sometimes I wish...

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I wouldn't wake up from my dream...
I wish life was easy and kind as it is in dreams sometimes...^^

Today's day was nothing special, we were swimming at PE and teacher said I am really good ^^ at English class we had a substitute teacher cause our got ill. we were talking about pets and it was fun ^^ and I really like this substitute teacher ^^ after class I had some time to spend, so I went in ValeNovak and saw this 'fruits' book which contains Japanese fashion. I wanna have it *.* but it costs like 39 euros.... And I don't have that much money :( but it looks really awesome, so I'll try to find some pics on the web.
Sooo after that, I went to clinic, where I had my head checked with MRI and figured, luckily everything is okay.


Even if I tried my best

you wouldn't get to know, how sorry I am. I really miss you.

Todays day was really, how to put it, easy? Although we had history test, it was a really nice day and test (maybe its just me) was really easy. I ate the rest of strawberries that my mom brought yesterday ;D They were delicious :3

Yay I'm so glad cause we don't have any test this week ^^ But we do have maths test in Monday sooo no break for me I guess :/

And we gave to Svala that fatty food, but she didn't seem to like it very much, so she didn't eat it. But I'll try again later (:

In the morning I wanted to wait for Karli to wake up since today, it's his birthday ^^ but I failed cause I had to go to school before he woke up. I thought he was going to stay here for another night, but he went home... I really don't like to congratulate over the phone and computer, so I'll rather wait till when I'll see him ^^